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Plumbers frequently encounter unpleasant matter when they are maintaining and repairing. Most plumbers have removed all kinds of items from drains and pipes, including dead animals, food and much more. Whilst there are some objects and even creatures we have little or no control over, many plumbing problems are caused by people flushing things where they shouldn’t go.

You can avoid embarrassment and substantial plumbing costs by taking more care over what you send down your drains and pipes. One of the best ways to avoid temptation when it comes to carelessly throwing unsuitable items down the toilet is to store a bin in your bathroom. Take a look at this infographic to find out more about what you should never put down a drain.

When we only send suitable items down our toilets, they are sent along the water treatment network before arriving at a treatment plant where the waste is removed and the water is treated before being returned to the public. When unsuitable items are flushed away, they can cause big problems not only for our own plumbing systems but through the wastewater treatment networks and plants as well as beaches, rivers, streams and the ocean. You can even cause your home to flood by sending the wrong items down the toilet.

9 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain Infographic


Grease can stick to the inside of your pipes, causing blockages. Always ensure you’re disposing of fat and grease correctly, scraping it into your bin before you wash your dishes. Fat and grease can come from a wide range of sources, including dairy products, cooking oil, cooking meat and margarine. Treat butter, mayonnaise and salad dressing in the same way, and place as much flour into the bin as you possibly can. Unfortunately, many people still think it is better for the environment to flush grease down the toilet rather than scraping it into their bins. Grease can cool down, congeal and build up over time until nothing is able to pass through your pipes.


Rice and pasta expand when they are soaked, which means blockages can easily occur when they leave your sink. The semolina flour in many pasta products is notorious for clogging up pipes. Starchy foods can cause big problems once they are flushed away, including potatoes, corn, onion skins and celery as well as pasta and rice.


Coffee is widely agreed to be the second-biggest cause of blocked drains and pipes after grease, so don’t underestimate the harm that it can do to your plumbing system. Although the grounds may seem harmless, they can build up over time, so take them to your rubbish bin rather than flushing them away.


Flushing paper down your toilet is clearly unavoidable, but be careful not to send excessive amounts of tissue down your drain to avoid expensive plumbing repairs. Tampons and sanitary towels should also be disposed of in bins as they can quickly clog your drain. Avoid flushing paper towels as they have a very high rate of absorbency. The latex used to produce condoms means they are also unsuitable for flushing. Baby wipes don’t break down with ease so place these in your bin too, even if the packaging claims they are “flushable”. The fibres in disposable wipes much thicker than those in toilet paper, so don’t take the risk.


It’s easier than you might think to accidentally drop your mobile phone down the toilet, especially if you’re the kind of person that keeps your handset on you at all times. Growing numbers of plumbers are being enlisted to deal with this problem, and it’s not just kids being held responsible. Try to keep small items like mobiles and toys well away from the toilet if possible.


It’s a bad idea to flush any food down the toilet or send it down your sink, but fruit rinds are particularly problematic due to their resilience. Rinds don’t break down easily, so keep them well away from your toilet bowl.


Cat litter can be very dangerous when flushed down the toilet. The sand, silica and clay used to produce the litter and can absorb moisture and clump together very quickly.


Far too many people are still falling for the old myth that eggshells will sharpen the blades inside their systems and therefore improve their efficiency. However, the sandlike features of the shells can easily clog your pipes, with their layers wrapping around shredder rings, causing substantial damage to your drainage system.


Hair, dental floss and other stringy items can cause serious problems when flushed away. String and floss are not biodegradable and can easily become tangled with other items down your drain to create considerable clogs.

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